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Hedgestone Newsletter - April 2011

Hedgestone Newsletter - April 2011


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Amazing Advances In Fair trade in Colombia

By Ronald Ringsrud (website)

Fedesmeraldas, is the organization which represents the emerald miners, brokers and exporters in Colombia. Fedesmeraldas has for years devoted a small percentage of emerald export money to improving the mining region by supporting activities that benefit local and indigenous people, as well as respecting the environment. Although the region is lush, verdant and semi-tropical, there is unemployment and a lack of services. The sewing machines and co-op created last April in the town of Muzo have affected three dozen ladies and their families and has been in operation for a year now.

Colombian gem cutter Gustavo Castelblanco was the winner of "The Gemology on Line Project" gem cutting contest. 15 designers from many countries entered with facet designs. Mr. Caltelblanco was the only South American to enter the contest. Details of this award-winning faceting can be seen here.

Besides the clothing co-op, the emerald organization has created for the locals farms for luffa, chocolate and oranges. A school in the town of Muzo has been opened and in Maripi a clinic has been expanded.

After the excellent emerald showing at this year's Oscars ceremony in Hollywood, emeralds have appeared in the news again; this time in the Wall Street Journal (article link).


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HedgeStone Canada Inc. (HCI) is a Canadian corporation acting as the marketing arm for HedgeStone International (HI) in order to promote the "Mine Direct Program" both locally and on a Global Scale. By referring Clients to HI and granting them the ability to purchase precious gems direct from the mines, Hedgestone succeeds in offering unprecedented value to its client. Canadian sales and Marketing initiatives are done via an organized Master Agent Network, supported and serviced by HCI from its head office located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. When HCI reviewed the "Mine Direct Program", it saw an opportunity to deliver a program that was unique globally and guaranteed to eliminate the increased cost, and extensive array of middlemen in the purchasing process. Watch our video.

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17.20 ct Colombian Pear

Grade Signature
Gemstone Type Emerald
Color Light Medium Green
Weight 17.20 ct
Dimensions 21.20 L x 15.30 W mm
Clarity Slightly included as typical with emerald
Treatment Shows sign of treatment as typical of Emeralds (Cedar oil only)
Origin Colombia
Gemstone ID #EM-00721-02
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